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Chinese in Koreatown

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in LA

Taiwan's Government Office in Los Angeles

舉辦個式台灣文化相關的活動及移民事宜. TEL: (213) 389-1215 FAX: (213) 389-1676. Emergency: (213) 923-3591

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Sinopot – Closed

Sinopot in Koreatown LA

Restaurant featuring hotpots including various kinds of meats, vegetables, soups and dumplings…

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Chinese Consulate-General in LA

China's Consular Office in Koreatown LA

You may take Freeway 101, exit Vermont Avenue. and go south on Vermont, turn left at 4th Street, and then turn right at the next intersection (Shatto Place).

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Yan Bian – Closed

Called “Yeon-byeon” in the Korean pronunciation of this restaurant run by ethnic Koreans from an autonomous prefecture in the northeastern part of China. Also listed as Yanbian, “Yian Bian” and “Yianbian” in county filings because of the Chinese pronunciation of the name. The restaurant’s staff do speak Mandarin Chinese. House specialty: 토종닭곰밥, aka “korean style […]

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