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Thai Original BBQ on Vermont – Closed

There is another one on 3rd Street… and another one in North Koreatown / East Hollywood near Larchmont / Melrose Hill.

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Café O’LA – Closed

Opened in 2014 in the space formerly occupied by Cafe Patio. Coffee, green-tea latte, hot cocoa, milk tea, peach juice, strawberry banana smoothie, honey tea, ice cream, lemonade, soda, and boba drinks… Open seven days a week, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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Game Cloud Hookah Lounge – Closed

GameCloud Hookah Sports

Video gaming, sports viewing and hookah in one place

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Noodles & Company – Closed

Korean-Vietnamese Pho Noodles: 6th & Western

Korean-run Vietnamese pho restaurant. Opened in Summer 2013. Had had closures / ownership/name changes. Final closure was in September 2016.

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Guda BBQ – Closed

Guda Restaurant: Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ restaurant that opened in fall 2015 in the space formerly occupied by Hae-ruhl Poomun Hwareo on the second floor of Cosmos Village. Closed. Space occupied by The Nakgi as of Summer 2016.

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Foodshop: Korean Banchan Store

Opened in 2015. Closed in Summer 2016.

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Manna @ Wilshire & Wilton (Moo BBQ) – Closed

UPDATE: Rebranded itself as “Moo BBQ” in late 2015. New management transitioning from Tahoe Galbi, December 2013 to January 2014. All-you-can-eat menu options include 19.99 and 25.99. This is the second currently operating Manna Korean BBQ restaurant. The other Manna is in the Little Tokyo district of downtown L.A. at 333 S Alameda St #305, […]

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Good-Ha Express – Closed

Good-Ha Express: Filipino Restaurant

Chinese-Filipino cuisine for breakfast and lunch

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Iota Cafe – Closed

IOTA Cafe on Western Avenue was a Korean eatery known for Western-style desserts and Korean fusion dishes like kimchi carbonara. Health department closure in 2014. Finally closed for business in 2016.

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Chow King – Closed

Chowking Filipino-Chinese Fast Food

International Filipino-Chinese franchise restaurant that opened in North Koreatown in 2013.

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Feria – Closed

Korean booking club. Formerly Velvet Room.

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Oh San Restaurant – Closed

Oh San Korean Restaurant

Took over the space of the defunct Mat Goeul in early 2016. The house specialty of this new eatery is soondae (traditional Korean blood sausages).

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Greek Tommy’s Burgers on Pico – Closed

Greek Tommy's Teriyaki Burgers on Pico

“Star Burger” in Southwest Koreatown on Pico & Bronson

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Hong Galbi – Closed

Hong Galbi on Olympic

Korean BBQ restaurant

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Ume Sushi – Closed

Ume All-You-Can-Eat Sushi Restaurant in Koreatown LA

All-you-can-eat sushi restaurant

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Randy’s Gym – Closed

Randy's Gym: 6th Street Cross-Training Center

Crossfit Kickboxing Gym. In the space formerly occupied by the Art of Bella ceramics studio. Opened in September 2015. Renamed (sign change) to Randy’s Gym by October 2015.

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Ramen Burger – Closed

Closed on February 29, 2016. Opened in Summer 2014.

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Kpop Chicken – Closed

Kpop Chicken: Western Avenue in Koreatown LA

Restaurant that opened in January 2016 in the space formerly occupied by Red Soup. House specialty: Korean fried chicken Business hours run to 2:00 am with soju and other kinds of alcohol.

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