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Bars that cater primarily to sports fans and enthusiasts.


Sports bars in Koreatown serve as social hubs for fans, offering a lively atmosphere where patrons can enjoy watching games, discussing sports, and bonding over shared interests in athletics.


What to Expect in Koreatown sports bars?


Multiple televisions: Ktown sports bars are equipped with numerous television screens, often including large projection systems, strategically placed throughout the establishment to provide clear views of various sporting events simultaneously.


The decor and ambiance are centered around sports themes, often featuring sports memorabilia, team jerseys, and other sports-related items.

Live sports broadcasts: Ktown bars prioritize showing live sports events, including popular American sports like football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, as well as international competitions.


Food and drink offerings: Ktown sports bars serve a variety of alcoholic beverages, particularly beer, along with typical bar food such as wings, burgers, and appetizers, as well as fusion-flavored novelties.


Social environment: Ktown ports bars provide a communal space for fans to gather, watch games together, and share in the excitement of sporting events.


Extended hours: Many Ktown sports bars have operating hours that accommodate various game times, including late-night events and early morning international matches.


Special events: Ktown sports bars often host viewing parties for major sporting events like the Super Bowl, World Series, or NBA Finals.

Cafe Bleu

Cafe Blue LA bar liquor collection

Korean-American sports bar and lounge

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LAces Bar


Craft Eatery & Sports Bar

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Kiki's Restaurant LA

Restaurant and sports bar

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Fountain LA

Fountain LA in Ktown

Restaurant | Sports Bar | Lounge⁣

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Toe Bang “Cafe”

Toe Bang

Korean restaurant @ Chapman Plaza

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El Chavocho

Latin American sports bar in LA

Latino-focused sports bar

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Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wings in Ktown

BWWings: Chicken Wings. Beer. Sports.

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