Goopo Chueotang

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Also known as the Gu Po Jip Chu Uh Tang or Gu Po Jib or Goopojib restaurant.

House specialty is Chuwotang / Chuotang (mudfish stew).

Also on the menu:

· Abalone Mud-fish Soup 전복추어탕

· Chueo-Bulgogi 추어불고기

Chuwo-bulgogi is a fusion of mudfish (loach) stir-fried Korean BBQ style with a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, minced garlic, sesame seeds, and other ingredients.

Health rating of A (90) as of 04/01/2013.

11/28/2012 91 A
08/02/2012 95 A
03/22/2012 90 A

Goopo Chueotang was established in L.A. in September 2005.

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