Wilton Place Elementary School

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Public school located west of Koreatown proper.

50/50 Korean Dual Language Two-Way Immersion Program (Korean) (K-5)

The school population is 63% Hispanic, 33% Asian and less than 1% White.

Note that 93% of the students know English as a second language. Throughout the city of Los Angeles, only 55% of students have English as a second language.

In other words, only 7% of the students at Wilton Place ES are native speakers of English. The district of L.A. in its entirety has only 45% of its students speaking English natively.

Saint Brendan

St. Brendan Catholic School

Private school grades K-8.

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Charles Kim Elementary School

Charles H. Kim Elementary School

The first public school in the Unites States named after an Asian American.

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Dr. Sammy Lee Elementary School

Dr. Sammy Lee Elementary School

Medical and Health Science Magnet School. Named after the two-time Gold medal Olympic diver.

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