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Dr. Robbin

Korean-run fusion restaurant

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Book Sea Tong

Korean BBQ Restaurant

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Wiltern Theater

Taeyang’s White Night Concert on September 12… Fans lining up more than 24 hours early!

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Pio Pico Koreatown Branch Library

Pio Pico Library

Has the largest Korean-language collection in LAPL system

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Kim Jiyoung Hair in LA

Kim Ji-Young Hair Salon

Korean hair salon on Western Avenue… Kim Ji-Young Hair Gallery

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Tip's House: Thai Food Takeout on 6th Street

Tip’s House

Small family-run Thai restaurant on 6th Street.  Cash only.

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Crafted Donuts in LA

Crafted Donuts

Opens as early as 6:00 am on weekdays, 8:00 am on weekends.

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Milk Tavern in Koreatwon LA

Milk Tavern

Dessert bar on Western Avenue.

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Odumak Korean Restaurant

Odu Mak

Korean restaurant with a traditional motif.

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Ebul Mart Korean Quilt Store at IB Plaza


Sells yibul (quilts) and assorted Korean bedding, including traditional pillows.

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Madang Korean Mall in Koreatown LA

Madang Mall

Shopping and entertainment complex located just north of Wilshire Boulevard on the western side of Western Avenue. Directory of tenants.

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Wilshire Branch Library in North Koreatown

Wilshire Branch Library

Library serving North Koreatown. Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument. Hours of Service >>

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Square Mixx on Western Avenue


Food Hall on the third floor of the building complex housing Gaju Market / California Marketplace

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SM Town Museum, Koreatown LA

SM Town Museum

Museum of South Korean entertainment corporation known for slave contracts and legal disputes with trainees and contract celebrities.

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Nat King Cole Post Office

Nat King Cole Post Office

OAKWOOD POSTAL STATION on the northwest corner of 3rd & Western

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R BAR in Koreatown LA


American bar on 8th & Irolo… Required for entry: passphrase “MA, THE MEATLOAF!”

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Tous Les Jours Bakeshop on Western Avenue in LA

Tous Les Jours – Western

Second branch in Koreatown of the South Korean bakeshop chain TLJ. Located at California Marketplace (Gaju Market) on Fifth and Western.

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Subway Open 24 Hours

Subway (Hobart)

Subway sandwiches on Wilshire, by Hobart. Open 24 hours a day.

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