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Little Bangladesh market

Bangla Bazaar & Restaurant

South Asian eatery serving Bangladeshi, Indian & Pakistani food

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D & D Hardware

Korean-owned hardware store

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Don Lino’s

Full-service restaurant

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Mariela's Taco

Mariela’s Taco

Mexican eatery that sells tacos

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Jons Grocery Store

Jons Marketplace – 3rd Street

Grocery store chain with cheap prices on produce

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Dumpling House on 3rd Street

Dumpling House

천하만두… Korean dumpling house on 3rd Street just a few steps west of Vermont Avenue.

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Dolly Llama mural in Los Angeles

Dolly Llama

Dessert cafe serving primarily waffles and ice cream

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Catalina Hardware & Bike Shop

Korean-owned in Little Bangladesh

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Zion Drugstore Los Angeles

Zion Drug

County Vaccination Site

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Ralphs on 3rd Street in LA

Ralphs on 3rd / Vermont

Ralphs has two locations in Koreatown — one on 3rd & Vermont, the other on Western Avenue, just south of Wilshire Boulevard

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Mister Bossam & Cheese Deung Galbi

Mister Bossam

Korean restaurant who house specialty is bossam

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Kunnai Thai Restaurant in LA

Kunnai Thai Restaurant

A small Thai restaurant

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Asian American dentists in Koreatown

Beverly Dental Group

Asian American dentists

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Pink One Spa

Pink One Spa

Cheap massages

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Eva's Lechon: Filipino BBQ PIg in Koreatown LA

Eva’s Lechon

Filipino-style lechon (whole suckling pig roasted on a spit)

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New Hampshire Check Cashing

Check Cashing Service AT&T payments Published on: Nov 6, 2014 @ 17:52

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Chinese food in Koreatown

Sea Royal House Chinese Food

Small Chinese food takeout restaurant on Third Street

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Salvadoran bakery

Continental Bakery

Central American breads and pastries, especially from El Salvador

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Classic Thai Food in LA

Ocha Classic Restaurant (3rd Street)

Thai restaurant on 3rd Street with another location on Vermont Avenue

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Lucy’s Laundry Mart

Parking lot in which two men were shot dead on Martin Luther King Day (January 20) 2014. Wash & Fold In the same strip mall as where Video Hut was. Disconnected number: (213) 388-6878 Registered with the city as “Lucy Coin Inc” since December 2013.

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Miss Coffee in Los Angeles

Miss Coffee

Cafe known for serving patbingsu in a large pyrex cup

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